shape your ideas

Surfaces that become furnishings for an infinite number of solutions

Shape Your Ideas / Flexible Surfacing Solutions

Revealing the superb performance of MaxFine maxi tiles, demonstrating, once again, their infinite versatility for all applications. FMG products envelope continually evolving surfaces and shapes like a second skin. The wonders of nature unveiled on large-scale porcelain surfaces, where flowing gold veining creates a striking yet harmonious continuum. Enveloping designs and sinuous curves lead the way to new design horizons.

Shape Your Ideas / Full body

Tradition and innovation combine in the creativity of Italian savoir faire.
The graphics of the textured surface are faithfully reproduced throughout the entire body of the tile, creating a homogeneous, compact product noted for excellent technical performance. This is the extraordinary feature of full-body porcelain ceramics.
Research, development and aesthetic appearance for stunning collections precisely customized to any design requirement.

Shape Your Ideas / Translucence

The high performance of MaxFine large tiles reveals new applications and evocative solutions for interiors. The horizon of design opportunities is further expanded, offering clients scenic effects guaranteed to be high impact.

Thanks to advanced production systems, a thickness of just 6 mm, and the special characteristics of the ceramic body, the top collections of FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti feature excellent properties of translucence that enhance the expressive potentials of the material, creating new ways to use it.

The surfaces, criss-crossed by luminous rays of particular intensity, allow the creation of interesting light effects, ideal to offer the contract and hospitality industries a functional, high-performance tool with an engaging aesthetic appeal.

Shape Your Ideas / Living

Comfort and design combine with the excellent performance of FMG high tech ceramic.
Like a second skin, MaxFine surfaces become a precious material for coverings and unique furnishings and accessories.
Hi-tech surfaces, with endless applications, create contemporary living rooms with the utmost customization.
Tables, bookshelves, fireplaces and cabinets: a striking total look that combines quality, efficiency and style.

Shape Your Ideas / Kitchen

Exclusive elements reinvent its spaces, offering customised solutions to share your everyday life.
Floor and wall coverings, washbasins, kitchen countertops, customised furnishings.
One material, endless expressive potential.
A unique, functional design that wants to be lived in.

Maxfine, Continuous Covering Large Spaces

The ideal solution for settings with high trampling and dense traffic, MaxFine provides a continuous covering for large spaces, creating homogeneous environments where each individual area is shown off and made unique.

Maxfine Collections

The perfect tool for architects and designers, MaxFine’s vast range offers plenty of possibilities for indoor and outdoor applications, ranging from traditional floor and wall coverings to applications in the furniture industry.

Maxfine For Ventilated Facades

The MaxFine collection of maxi-slabs by FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti broadens the confines of contemporary design and, thanks to its slender thickness, measuring only 6 mm thick, and the availability of different sizes (300x150, 150x150, 150x75, 75x75, 75x37.5 cm), permits a great variety of applications, offering designers the utmost creative freedom and technological support to give form to their ideas.

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